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Since I haven't made many sales, I decided to add a writers resources page to my web site.

Feel free to suggest your favorite resources.

Book Acknowledgement

I blame all of you. Writing this book has been an exercise in sustained suffering. The casual reader may, perhaps, exempt herself from excessive guilt, but for those of you who have played the larger role in prolonging my agonies with your encouragement and support, know who you are, and you owe me.

Brendan Pietsch, assistant professor of religious studies at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan
Dispensational Modernism, published by Oxford University Press

Journal Of Universal Rejection for those of you who don't feel they are getting enough rejection slips for their submissions.

Journal Of Universal Acceptance for those of you who feel they are getting too many rejection slips for their submissions.

Writers Digest Manuscript Rejection Feedback: 3 Critiques to Heed (and 2 to Ignore)

Famous Rejection Letters
Nielsen Hayden Slushkiller - rejection letters and responses.
Ursula K. Le Guin rejection letter for Hugo and Nebula award winning Left Hand of Darkness
Business Insider 6 Famous People Who Have Received Brutal Rejection Letters
Aerogramme Writers' Studio 12 Famous Writers on Literary Rejection
AbeBooks 24 Tales from the Slush Pile: Rejected Bestsellers
Mental Floss 10 Rejection Letters Sent to Famous People
examiner The 50 best author vs. author put-downs of all time

Homework Rejection Letters
Timothy McSweeney Eight Excuses I Have Told My Son to Use for His Failure to Hand in English Homework, Excuses I Have Learned are Acceptable During a Thirty-Year Career in Journalism, Books, and Film.

Market Listings
Ralan's SpecFic & Horror Webstravaganza (free listings)
aswiebe's Market List fantasy, science fiction, and horror markets (free listings)
Freedon With Writing latest open markets (free listings)
flash fiction chronicles flash markets (free listings)
Duotrope (fee listings)
Aerogramme Writers Studio Book and Writing News and Resources
Authors Publish 16 Publishers with Excellent Distribution That Accept Unsolicited Submissions
Reedsy Writing Contests in 2017
Writing Career Speculative Fiction Markets

Agent Listings
Agent Query The internet's largest free database of literary agents
Writers Digest Science Fiction Agents
Lit Rejections US Literary Agencies
Query Tracker helping authros find literary agents.

Finding An Agent
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Of America How to find a (real!) literary agent

Book Proposals / Agent Letters / Query Letters / Submission
The Wordwise Blog Why We Won't Read Your Manuscript
Jane Friedman The Complete Guide to Query Letters That Get Manuscript Requests
The Steve Laube Agency I Just Deleted Your Proposal without Reading It
Query Shark How To Write Query Letters ... or, really, how to revise query letters so they actually work
write it sideways 25 Reasons Your Query Letter Sucks
write it sideways 15 Resources for a Better Query Letter
Janet Reid, Literary Agent Query Letter checklist
Janet Reid, Literary Agent Effective Query Letters
Janet Reid, Literary Agent Instant Rejection
John M. Cusick A Pretty Much Foolproof, Never-Fail, Silver-Bullet Query Opening

Writing Tutorials
John C. Wright, author John C. Wright’s Patented One Session Lesson in the Mechanics of Fiction
John C. Wright, author Wright’s Ten Rules on Writing
Epic Stream How To Become A Writer - The Easy Way - by Neil Gaiman
Ellen Brock, Professional Freelance Novel Editor writing articles and advice
Ellen Brock, Professional Freelance Novel Editor Novel Boot Camp
YouTube Ellen Brock: The Top 5 Mistakes Amateur Writers Make
Mythic Scribes The Art of Fantasy Story Telling
Brandon Sanderson Writing Advice
Castalia House Five Tips for Writing Great Short Fiction: The Case For Classic Adventure
reedsy Writing in Third Person Omniscient vs Third Person Limited
reedsy 13 Kick-Ass Tips For Writing Fantasy From Professional Fantasy Editors Goins, Writer How to Begin Writing a Novel When You Don’t Know What to Do
autocrit How to Make Your Writing Funnier - A Video by TED-Ed
Write To Done unmissable articles on writing
Mythic Scribes The Art of Fantasy Storytelling
Advice To Writers quote of the day, recommended books, interviews, ...
Martha Alderson Stranded in the Middle of Your Novel?
Victoria Mixon, Author & Editor 5 Things I Learned from Shirley Jackson

Word Count
Short Mystery Fiction Society subdivides the shortest categories for their Derringer Awards:

 Flash story:  up to 1000 words
 Short short story:  1001 - 4000 words
 Long short story:  4001-8000 words
 Novelette:  8001-17,500 words

The Science Fiction Writers of America uses these definitions for its Nebula awards:
 Short fiction:  under 7,500 words
 Novelette:  7,500-17,500 words
 Novella:  17,500-40,000 words
 Novel:  40,000 words and up

Writers Digest Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books: The Definitive Post
 adult novel 
 word count 
 below 70,000  too short 
 70,000 - 79,999  might be too short; probably all right 
 80,000 - 89,999  totally cool 
 90,000 - 99,999  generally safe 
 100,000 - 109,999  might be too long; probably all right 
 110,000 or above  too long 

The Write Life A Word Count Guide for 18 Different Book Genres
reedsy How Long Should Your Novel Be? Our Editors Have the Answers

Writing Advice
Clarity over Cleverness
Playboy 24 Writing Heavyweights Share the One Piece of Advice They Have for Aspiring Writers
Lit Reactor 22 of the Best Single Sentences on Writing
write it sideways 23 Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger
write it sideways 23 (More) Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger
Monster Hunter Nation Fisking the HuffPo, because writers need to GET PAID
Michael Brent Collings Writing Advice Columns
Michael Brent Collings Should I publish LOTS?
Pub Crawl How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis
Blake Atwood How to Outline a Novel: A Book Review of K.M. Weiland’s ‘Outlining Your Novel’
Curiouser Editing
Jane Friedman How to Attract a Readership Based on Concept Alone
Tor/Forge Blog Writing Out of Order
The Write Life The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2017
Script Magazine BREAKING & ENTERING: Done Outlining? Ready to Type Fade in? Think Again
Tor 7 Things I Learned About Starting A Career in Science Fiction
AutoCrit Catch More Mistakes with These DIY Proofreading Techniques
Lost Kingdom Fantasy world economics 101
Indies Unlimited
Just Publishing Advice How to Reduce Repetition in Your Manuscript Writing
Galaxy Press A Guide to Critiquing a Story: Seven Vital Elements Every Story Must Have
Mythic Scribes Critiques: A How-To Guide
Mythic Scribes 9 Amazing Blogs for Writers

Writing Advice - Pantser
Mad Genius Club Return of the Extreme Pantser’s Guide: Getting Started
Mad Genius Club Return to the Extreme Pantser’s Guide: Pacing

Writing Advice - POV - Point Of View
Helpiong Writers Become Authors What Every Writer Ought to Know About the Omniscient POV

Writing Class - Larry Correia
Writing Odyssey Larry Correia: Writing Class-Week 1, Part 1 of 2
Writing Odyssey Larry Correia: Writing Class-Week 1, part 2 of 2
Writing Odyssey Larry Correia: Writing Class-Week 2
Writing Odyssey Larry Correia: Writing Class-Week 3

Writing Classes - other
James Patterson Teaches Writing

Writing Advice - Characters
Sara Letourneau's Official Website & Blog The Character Evolution Files, No. 1: What is Character Evolution, and Why Is It Important?
Sara Letourneau's Official Website & Blog The Character Evolution Files, No. 2: What Are the Three Types of Character Arcs?
Daily Writing Tips 100 Words for Facial Expressions
Writers Digest When Flaws Go Too Far: Avoiding Unlikeable Characters
medium How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You
medium How To Write About Characters Who Are Dumber Than You
reedsy 8 Character Development Exercises to Help You Nail Your Character

Writing Advice - Fight Scenes
Fantasy-Faction Writing Fight Scenes - What an Editor Wants to See

Writing Advice - World Buidling
IO9 7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding
IO9 The Rules of Quick and Dirty Worldbuilding
Autocrit How Better World Building Will Keep You out of Trouble

Writing Advice - Show vs. Tell
Autocrit Why You Shouldn’t Tell What You Can Show

Writing Advice - Editing
Editorial Freelancers Association Editorial Rates
Raised by Wolves Killing Babies
Book Baby Blog What Type Of Book Editing Do You Need? And When?

Writing Advice - Quoting
The Book Designer How to Legally Use Quotations in Your Book

Writing Advice - Copyright
reedsy How To Copyright A Book: A Comprehensive Guide

Writers Group Critiques
Buzz Feed Books If Jane Austen Got Feedback From Some Guy In A Writing Workshop - Just a couple notes.

Writers Groups
Edit For Me 10 Reasons to Join a Writers Group
for writers writers group list
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America links to writers workshops
critters workshop science fiction, fantasy and horror online writers workshop

Book Publishing
Publishers Marketplace
Preditors & Editors a guide to publishers and publishing services for serious writers since 1997.
Author Earnings The 7k Report
Monster Hunter Nation How Authors Get Paid, part 2
Digital Book World The Self-Publishing Debate: A Social Scientist Separates Fact from Fiction (Part 3 of 3)
Dean Wesley Smith Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing
Dean Wesley Smith The New World of Publishing: The Real Price of Traditional Publishing
Publishing Perspectives How Much Do Writers Earn? Less Than You Think
Draft2Digital electronic publishing
Ink Shares print and electronic publishing of books selected by readers.
Parvus fantasy and science fiction eBook publishers.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Small Presses
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Self-Publishing
publishizer a different way to find a publisher
Just Publishing Advice Amazon Book Review Policies - An Amazon book review cannot be posted for free ebooks.
YouTube Dear Aspiring Authors...
Mythic Scribes How to Get a Book Published - The 7 Step Plan

Writers Markets
Duotrope a fee based web site that list markets for your work. Ralan's SpecFic & Humor Webstravaganza (free listing of markets)
Facebook Open Call: Science Fiction, Fantasy & Pulp Markets

Libby's Books Do’s and Don’ts of Self-Publishing
The Daily Dot What 'Baboon Fart Story' says about Amazon and ebook publishing
Monster Hunter Nation Fisking the HuffPo’s Snooty Rant About Self-Publishing
The Guardian Stop the press: half of self-published authors earn less than $500
Just Publishing Advice My 7 Best Free Tools For Self Publishing Authors
Just Publishing Advice five Must Read Blogs For Self Publishing Authors
Mythic Scribes How to Market Your Self-Published Book

Writers Markets - Publishing Problems
Writer Beware blog of current problems to watch out for
Science4 Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Writers Beware - website listing of problems to watch out for
Writer Beware Facebook page

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Resources
Now Novel 43 must-visit sci-fi websites for writers
Super Summary Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Resources

Online Tools - games
Toasted Cheese Writer’s Excuse Bingo

Online Tools - submission software
The Grinder a submission tracker and market database for writers of fiction

Online Tools - writing
editMinion check your writing for adverbs, weak words, passive voice, prepositions, ... (free)
Hemingway Editor online tool to help you write more like Ernest Hemingway
I Write Like this statistical analysis tool analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them with those of the famous writers.
Passive Territory passive word checker (free)
Grammarly grammar checker (fee) spell, grammar, thesaurus checking (free) grammar, spelling and style checking (free)
Paper Rater grammar, spelling check (free)
Grammar Check grammar check (free)
SpellCheckPlus spell check (free)
Ginger grammar check (free)
AutoCrit Manuscript Editing Software for Fiction Writers - annual fee (or use their limited free option)
grammarly online grammar checker
Spell Checker online spell and grammar checker
White Smoke online spell, grammar and writing checker.
White Smoke spell, grammar, punctuation, plagiarism checker (subscription)
Lit Lift free on-line novel and story writing software.
Lit Lift blog inspiration, writing tips, ...
One Stop For Writers Emotional Thesaurus, Negative Trait Thesaurus, Positive Trait Thesaurus, Symbolism and Motif Thesaurus, ...
Free Thesaurus from the people who are providing the Free Dictionary
Kristina Van Hoose NaNoWriMo Prep Tools

Online Tools - dictionaries
OneLook General dictionaries and glossaries indexed by the OneLook® search engine
OneLook Reverse Dictionary
Cambridge Dictionary
the Free Dictionary
google dictionary
Merrian Webster dictionary and thesaurus
Urban Dictionary for slang

Online Tools - word frequency counter
Word Counter word frequency counter
Write Words Word Frequency Counter
Write Words Phrase Frequency Counter

Online Tools - change case
Convert Case
Text case converter
Case Converter
Case Convert

Online Tools - names
Character Names tips on choosing character names
Baby Names
List of Random Names random name generator
Social Security top names
Vanessa Grant Character 60,000 Name Database
Seventh Sanctum random generators of ideas, weapons, spells, names, ...
Seventh Sanctum Name Generators
Redneck Baby Names
Quizopolis name generators
Character Name Generator
Top 100 Baby Name Search
Behind The Name the etymology and history of first names

Online Tools - plot
Seventh Sanctum Writing Ideas
Plot Generator for many genres of fiction

Online Tools - writing prompts
springhole random generators - designed for FRPs, but usable for writers
Seventh Sanctum random generators including Writing Prompt Generator
Writing Exercises random generators
Story Shock flash fiction - Writing Prompt Generator
Story Base narrative writing prompts
Creative Writing Prompts
The Story Starter
Toasted Cheese Writing Prompt Calendar

Online Tools - Book Covers
Holly Heisey premade ebook covers

Online Tools - A Tax Cheat Sheet for Kindle eBook Self-Publishing
TurboTax A Tax Cheat Sheet for Kindle eBook Self-Publishing

Offline Tools - Writing (install on your computer)
Literature and Latte Scrivner - content-generation tool for writers
Novel Factory novel writing software - offline as well as online versions
Storyist novel writing software
Mariner Software Storymill - novel writing software
Aeon Timeline novel writing software - visual timeline software
SpaceJock Software Sonar 3 (submission tracking software) (free)
SpaceJock Software yWrite (word processor) (free)
SpaceJock Software yEdit (word processor) (free)
Richard Salsbury's Home Page Rough Draft (word processor)
Hemingway Editor for PC and Mac
Writer Unboxed How to Keep Track of All Your Novel’s Details
Stephen R, Willis Best Free Novel Writing Software
FreeWriter free writing software
Manuskript open-source tool for writers

Offline Tools - Spell / Grammar Checkers (install on your computer)
Call Scotland Which Spellchecker? (comparison of spellcheckwers)
Ghotit - I Got It Right grammar and punctuation check, ...
Ginger Software grammar checker, dictionary, ...
Text Help Read & Write for Windows
Claro Software ClaroRead for PC
Spell Check Anywhere add spell check to your favorite programs
Sequence Publishing TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus
WordWeb Pro English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows
Spell Web spell check with grammar check and a thesaurus
Clear Writer Clear Edits (grammar check and a whole lot more)
Grammar Check Anywhere grammar and spell checker, with thesaurus
Language Tool open source language checker
lingucomponent grammar checking software for OpenOffice.
SmartEdit Lite SmartEdit is a first-pass-editing tool for creative writers and novelists. (free)
SmartEdit SmartEdit is a first-pass-editing tool for creative writers and novelists. (fee)
PageFour Software for Novelists and Creative Writers
White Smoke spelling, grammer checker, punctuation, style and structure checkers

Offline Tools - Writing (install on your computer)
Tor/Forge Blog 5 Gaming Tools to Help Your Writing


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